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Hey Peoples on Internet, here we BGS CYBER CAFE have very good idea to promote your website on our bussiness blog. As if you've all know this website is powered by Bgs Raw for sharing job related articles, latest digital services, technology and such related posts from the BGS team. So we want you to contribute us and you can promote your website. By the title Write for Us - Guest Post & Promote Website For Free you have already understand our rule to promote yourself with us.

How to promote your website for free?

1. First you need to contact us with our business email to: bcafe@bgsraw.in 
2. Before that you have to contribute a free guest post to us, it can be on any topic.
Note: As you all know the standard of Internet, do not copy, no plagrism, we don't like you to include lots of back links, must be seo friendly
3. You can send your project/guest post on our same email mentioned above
4. Do not worry to be fraud by us. If you have any good post which is suitable for our sponsored team then you can get the bonous benifit. Because you will get traffic from BGS RAW and on the other hand your website will get promotes on this website.

How to get promote?

1. To get promoted you need to make and website banner.
2. Banner size should must be website friendly., not so large and it should nt to small.
3. Actual size for the banner we accept will be of (250 x 250)
4. Do not forget to like our Facebook. We reply all the messages.

I hope you all unterstand this post and even if you have any concern or related question, just write it below in comments section. Happy blogging to all of you 😃
Sangya Raj

I love to write all about Lifestyle.

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