How To Get Feature On Bgs Raw Social Magazine - India's First Social Magazine

Hey, there today featuring has become a good source to get some impression to your profile. So in this post will tell you how you can get a chance to get a feature on Bgs Raw Social Magazine. This magazine is also India’s first social magazine who reveals new talents of social media and that’s all about the social stars.

How To Get Feature On Bgs Raw Social Magazine

How to get a feature on Bgs Raw Social Magazine?

So well if you love Bgs frame, and want to get included, you can request through there form. The form asks you a few details to review your profile. You need to enter (your name, email id, Instagram handle link, youtube link, facebook link if you have your website type the URL). In the next question they have asked about what content do you create, so write short lines about your content. And in the last, they asked you to write way to get the feature? So you can tell about your talents, influence, idea by which they get some idea about you. Form link here you can also submit.

What is the benefit of getting a feature on Social Magazine?

That is the question mostly arise in everyone’s mind. So there is not very high benefit or will not become rich by getting a feature. But by getting to a frame you can share your story about your hard work, message, talents, and your daily hardship, etc.
By getting to a Bgs Raw social magazine, you can gain a lot of attention towards, and this magazine works hard to get more audience for you. And their concept is also the same. New people may like your videos, images and you too and they will be sure to check out your profile ones to know, who are you?

Who will not get featured on this magazine?

As the internet is not for misusing by any means, so this magazine does not include such human who is a criminal, unwanted humans, anti-nationalism, terrorism’s or any such cases are against them. Only the positive thoughts are allowed, do not encourage the negativity.

I hope you guy loved this article and if you have any question regarding you may ask. Thanks for reading this article and will back with another post.
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