SBI: Transaction Limits Charges And Other Details of Electronic Transfer

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SBI offer instant transfer facilities such as IMPS and NEFT. So this types of latest electronic transfer work on the basis of direct net transfer and which used to settled directly to the bank account. Today in each and every fraction of second we do any banking related transaction. So you must know the charge as per SBI charge from you for using there bank.
As many bank do not restrict for any IMPS transaction done in the holiday. And the SBI offer the same. But the transaction done via. NEFT are settled on another working day. So any one can use the IMPS transfer even on holidays.

Let us know the charge are been taken for the IMPS:
The maximum can be transferd through IMPS is Rs. 2 lakh. And it is not prescribed the limit for minimum amount.
Amount:- Rs. 0-1000, Charge:- Nil, GST:- No charge
Amount:- Rs. 1,001-10,00, Charge:- Rs. 2, GST:- Rs. 2.36
Amount:- Rs. 10,001-25,000, Charge:- Rs. 2, GST:- Rs. 2.36
Amount:- Rs. 25,001-1,00,00, Charge:- Rs. 5, GST:- Rs:- 5.90
Amount:- Rs. 1,00,001-2,00,000, Charge:- Rs. 10, GST:- 11.80

NEFT operate in half hourly batches and there are twenty three settlements from 8am to 7 pm on all working days including working saturdays. So the benficary can ecpect to get the credit for the transactions put through between 8 am to 5:30 pm on all working days.

Let us know the charge are been taken for the NEFT:
The maximum of transfered through NEFT is Rs. 10 lakh according to the lender's website. However there is no minimum limit.
Amount:- Rs. 10,000-110,001, Charge:- Rs. 2.50,GST:- Rs. 2
Amount:- Rs. 10,001-1 lakh, Charge:- Rs. 5,GST:- Rs.4
Amount:- Rs. 1 lakh-2 lakh, Charge:- Rs. 15,GST:- Rs.12
Amount:- Rs. 2 lakh and above, Charge:- Rs. 25,GST:- Rs. 20

So this was the SBI charge for the consumers to use the transaction facilities. Also there are private sector who offer IMPS and NEFT facilities.

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