How To Activate Windows 10 PC

We face lots of problem by seeing the windows has been deactivate after the computer PC restored or reset to factory setting. So now you need not to worry about it just follow our steps and all the problems will be solved. And also you can get the future updates from windows 10.
Lets see the steps to Activate Windows 10 PC.

Activation of Windows 10 PC

Step-1: Download the file from here

Step-2: Create a new text document and copy the code to your new document file.

Step-3: Now save it as a batch file by renaming file name to "Windows10-cmd" do not use the symbol " & ".

Step-4: Now take the cursor to the file and right click on your mouse and run as administrator.
Note: Your PC or computer must be connected to internet.

Step-5: Done. Enjoy window 10 and there updates.

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