How to Open Paytm zero Balance Current Account

How to Open Paytm zero Balance Current Account. When you have heard about paytm zero balance account for your small business, it's like  akward right. Here will inform everything about the paytm account, who is eligible to open this account? How to deposite money into this account? and many more topics will discuss.

First let us know

How To apply for Paytm Zero Balance Current Account

  • Follow this link and fill up your request
  • After submiting wait untill you recived a call from the executive
  • Must not, calls are made only for eligible customers
  • So do one thing if you do not recive the call, contact the paytm bank on there social handle, they will reply

Why should I open Current Account in Paytm

  • For the remaining zero account, entities that can access the limited amount of account in their current accounts and the associated costs, will benefit from the current account.
  • Account holders will have access to the free banking services and the more secure Net Banking Panel, to facilitate and track transactions.
  • They can cash in, unlimited number of times without receiving any costs. This feature is useful for store owners who receive a large chunk of daily payments. And there is no limit to the number of exchanges per day.
  • Account holder balances above Rs. 1 lakh, at the end of the day will automatically be transferred to its current account with the partner bank, they can withdraw the amount held by the partner bank at any time of the time, as soon as desired.

Why should not open paytm current account

  • Poor customer support or telecome charge applies
  • Cash deposite facilities not available, lack of service center or branch
  • No free Cheque book's
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