ITR form for salaried employees and ITR acknowledgement

ITR form for salaried employees and ITR acknowledgement
ITR form for salaried employees: To submit ITR for salaried person he or she has to collect the TDS report from there respective offices or by ITD website. If you don't, know How to download Tax Deduct Certificate of TDS from the Income Tax Department Website.

ITR form for salaried employees look this way given below. Buy have nothing to do with this because ITR form are generated online for every new ITR fillings. So what should you do now? Do nothing Just visit any ITR filling center or approach any CA or CSC center. I recommend you to visit CSC Center because you'll be respected and consult in proper way like never before.

How the ITR is filled for salaried person:

1. Take your TDS certificate
3. Also carry your smartphone, which are registered with PAN and AADHAAR
4. If you have created any account on Income Tax Department, then carry the password,(it has become compulsory for salaried and business person to file there ITR)
5. And rest will be done online in the centers.

When will you get the refund of my ITR

So, this is the most important question which is being asked everytime. SO after filling the ITR, CA's take a look to correct the value or hidden chareges which are not been reflected in you TDS given to you by your company or institutions.
And just after everything process is left to everyfy your filling with your one timne passwod which will be sent to you by aadhar or esign. (We recommend you to have your aadhaar for better and fast verification to be done). Thats done, now just wait till next 30 to 90 day maxmium time to get your refund. The refund will be credited into your rgistered bank account which was given during the ITR filling.

Can I contact eCafeWala to file my ITR, How?

Yes, ofcourse, we do ITR filling for online approach customers, since we reside in Silapathar Town, but if your are from any other state or location, you may contact us. Every things are done online, so physical visit is not necessary, but we recommend you to contact your local center too. Even if you would like to contact for ITR filling you are welcome. We have official instagram handle

ITR Form for Salaried employees

So, if you are looking to file your ITR by eCafeWala. Here is the ITR form you can download and fill with you details in BLOCK LETTER's, with signature and click a pic to sent it us in our WhatsApp (number avaialable in the banner below)

ITR acknowledgement

After filling the ITR successfull you will get an ITR acknowledgement.

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